A Lamb Associates Limited

ALA Environmental Initiatives

The average UK business is estimated to spend around 4-5% of its annual turnover on waste disposal – that’s literally like throwing money away! Separating general waste into recyclables and non-recyclables can help to reduce the cost to a business and also minimises the impact upon the environment, with less waste going to landfill. Combined with other initiatives, we can all do our bit to help reduce the amount of resources we use and make our businesses more sustainable and environmentally friendly, with the added benefit of making substantial cost savings in the process.

Generating waste is inevitable, and ALA makes an effort to reduce, re-use and recycle as much as we can. With the addition of glass, paper and plastic recycling bins at our Kirkby Lonsdale office, we have realised a 50% reduction in general waste. When full, the contents of the recycling bins are taken to a local recycling facility, where the council gives money back to the community based on the volume of recycled material generated. This money is then used to fund projects which benefits the community, such as the refurbishment of a village hall.

Our office shredding is done on site, and once a month we take the shredded paper to a local Animal Charity, where it is put to good use as bedding for some of their furry inhabitants. Looking at what else we can do to reduce our waste and impact upon the environment, we have started to recycle our used toner cartridges with a specialist recycling facility. Our cartridges are recycled and then reused, which generates a monetary donation that is given to a charity of our choice.

We’re really pleased with how much of a difference we’ve made by making small changes so far and ALA will continue working towards a greener, cleaner and smarter future.