Our commercial management and dispute resolution services cover a wide range of disciplines from pre-contract vetting to commercial management, commercial support, dispute avoidance, mediation and adjudication.

Our clients benefit from solid practical commercial advice focused on securing the optimum commercial outcome.

Commercial Management

We offer tailored commercial management service for indivdual projects or multiple schemes.

We provide commercial directors, commercial managers and quantity surveyors at all levels to suit our clients requirements. We provide individuals or full commercial teams to manage projects robustly, secure entitlement and avoid disputes.

Our people are experienced, committed and motivated to deliver results. They are accustomed to integrating seamlessly with existing resources and company systems and provide detailed commercial reports.

When you engage commercial staff from A. Lamb Associates you do not hire the individual, you hire the experience, knowledge and support of the company. All our staff are fully supported by senior A. Lamb Associates managers and directors.

We provide comprehensive visualisation and BIM analysis services to complement and support our commercial services where required.

Quantum Services

We employ highly qualified, skilled and experienced Quantity Surveyors to undertake the full range of Quantity Surveying services.

This includes site quantum surveying services – estimating, tendering, measurement, pricing instructions and variations, valuing extensions of time, dealing with subcontractor accounts and preparing site claims and final accounts.

We provide high level forensic quantum analysis to demonstrate entitlement on measured mile and other industry-recognised methods. We are regularly appointed by legal practices to provide professional quantum services ensuring that cases are prepared to a standard suitable for litigation, with the correct methodology, evidence and technical narratives in support.


Since the 1996 Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act, adjudication has become by far the most popular form of dispute resolution for construction matters in the UK.

Adjudication is a powerful tool which enables parties to pursue their cases in the knowledge that they are not generally at risk of the other partys costs. The process is quick and it is possible to get a decision within 28 days of the referral of the dispute.

Given that this is a compressed process, it is essential that any case is presented in a straightforward, clear and concise manner, with all relevant evidential support.

There is a significant body of case law surrounding adjudication, the knowledge of which can be crucial to properly presenting, defending or prosecuting a case.

In our experience, a good technical understanding of the construction issues, and the ability to present those issues clearly, is fundamental to the success of a case.

We have acted in over 100 adjudications with overwhelmingly positive results and we have the knowledge and experience required to represent our clients to the highest possible standards. We have enjoyed success against large multinationals and specialist law firms in a wide range of disputes.

Our combination of commercial, technical and legal knowledge means we are uniquely positioned to maximise your potential award in any adjudication proceedings.

Contract Drafting and Vetting

We regularly carry out commercial reviews of contracts for our clients, and prepare and draft contract documents.

Our extensive experience of dispute resolution means that we forsee the pitfalls which may lie ahead, whether the issue is caused by an onerous provision of the contract, or one which may seem innocuous. We understand how disputes can be avoided, risk managed, or opportunities developed.

We will review contract documentation and provide you with a report on areas of risk and provide authoritative, commercially focused advice to eliminate or reduce risk.

We have significant experience of all major standard forms including NEC, FIDIC, JCT and IChemE and can advise on the commercial risks and opportunities of each. Our experience extends to amending standard forms, and to other international and bespoke forms of contract.

We provide straightforward commercial advice and solutions for contractual issues and positions.

Mediation and ADR

Mediation can be an effective dispute resolution tool and is a fast-track, straightforward non-binding process.

This forum is particularly useful in situations where the parties have become entrenched in their positions. It allows both parties to explore the strengths and weaknesses of each other’s cases and come to a realistic view of liability and/or entitlement. This can often lead to a willingness to negotiate a settlement. Parties should not miss the opportunity of preparing a solid mediation bundle in support of their position as this first stage in the dispute resolution process is a very good opportunity for early settlement with the right strategy.

We have significant experience of mediation and regularly act as mediation advocates and have a track record of achieving successful outcomes.

In addition, Adrian Lamb acts as a mediator particularly in pipeline and heavy civil engineering matters.

Expert Witness

We provide a comprehensive quantum expert service, and are regularly appointed by leading law practices as quantum experts.

Our Experts are highly qualified and experienced in the production of authoritative professional documents for proceedings.

We provide Expert Witness reports in support of client’s cases in litigation and have strong relationships with specialist Experts in a variety of specialist disciplines including:

  • Horizontal Direction Drilling
  • Pipelines
  • Welding and Steelwork
  • Ground Conditions and Geotechnical
  • Specialist Trades

We recognise that as an Expert Witness our duty is to provide independent, impartial advice to assist the tribunal on matters relating to our expertise.

Arbitration and Litigation Support

Arbitration is often the contractual dispute resolution process for major international projects. It is also used for power generation projects in the UK and other construction disciplines not covered by the HGCR Act.

We have extensive experience of disputes of this nature and provide a single point of contact for management of these proceedings. We have experience of formal international pre-arbitration hearings and have been able to achieve negotiated settlements.

We assist with the preparation of arbitration notices, statements of case and advocacy. As with all of our services, our work is produced to the highest evidential and technical standards.

In addition to arbitration we regularly provide a full suite of supporting services to law firms conducting construction litigation.

Planning and Scheduling

We provide forensic planning and scheduling services and have close, longstanding relationships with leading specialist planning consultancies.

Our planners have significant experience working alongside our commercial and quantity surveying staff and combine strong technical expertise with our wider commercial approach.

Our planners are familiar with all of the major methods of delay analysis as described in the Society of Construction Law Delay and Disruption Protocol, including:

  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Impacted As-Planned Analysis
  • Time Impact Analysis
  • Time Slice Windows Analysis
  • As-Planned Versus As-Built Windows Analysis
  • Longest Path Analysis
  • Collapsed As-Built Analysis

We offer project planning services to ensure that project programmes are accurate and updated to reflect the current status of the works. Thorough and timely updating of project programmes allows the impact of issues such as variations and potential compensation events to be forecast in detail, allowing for detailed extension of time submissions to be made.

We recommend that our commercial support is employed alongside planning resource as our teams are experienced in working closely together on both contentious and non-contentious matters and provide highly effective integrated solutions.