We have experience and expertise in all major sectors including oil and gas pipelines, energy and process, infrastructure and utilities, building and civil engineering and offshore and marine construction.

Oil and Gas Pipelines

We have our origins in this sector and have been involved in some of the largest and most complex oil, gas and multi product pipeline projects throughout the world. Projects include:

  • Mawdsley to Warrington Gas Pipeline
  • Pannal to Nether Kellet Pipeline
  • NMPP Pipeline South Africa
  • Sakhalin 2 Export Pipeline Russian Federation
  • Sasolburg to Secunda GNP Pipeline
  • Shell Corrib Mayo to Galway Pipeline
  • TANAP Pipeline Turkey

We have an unrivalled technical and commercial reputation, founded on our specialist expertise and our track records for success. We have proven strategies and methods for dealing with a wide range of pipeline-specific claims, including:

  • Engineering and specification issues
  • Welding procedures and non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Right of way and earthworks claims
  • Additional temporary works claims
  • Access, lockouts and special section claims
  • Pipe quality claims
  • Additional bending claims
  • Crossing redesigns
  • Horizontal direction drilling (HDD) claims
  • Excavation claims and additional rock
  • Imported fill and backfill claims
  • Additional move arounds
  • Reinstatement claims
  • Hydrostatic testing claims
  • Cathodic protection claims

We have considerable specialist technical and commercial expertise in this sector and have worked with many of the leading clients and contractors in the UK and internationally.

Infrastructure and Utilities

We have a wide variety of experience with infrastructure projects and claims, and understand the contractual arrangements and regulatory frameworks of the sector. Projects include:

  • DISI-Mudawarra Well Site, Jordan
  • Feeder 28, Drainage and Engineering, South Wales
  • Lancaster University,┬áCivil Engineering Works
  • Major Streetworks Undertakings in London
  • Term Contracts for Statutory Undertakers in Northern England
  • Watermains Rehabilitation in Southern Scotland
  • Western Link, High Voltage Cable, Scotland to Wales

We have extensive experience in the commercial application of the NEC form of Contract, often preferred in infrastructure and utilities projects. We are well versed in managing the strict programme and notice provisions of the NEC and maximising entitlement through the provisions of the contract. We have a broad range of experience with specialist utilities claims, including:

  • Work issues and timing claims
  • Restricted access claims
  • Emergency work/planned work claims
  • Item coverage claims
  • Bill omission claims
  • Valuation methodology claims
  • Unforeseen ground conditions and services claims
  • Specification and defect claims
  • Statutory undertaker claims
  • Reinstatement and surfacing claims
  • Specialist claims

In addition to street works and framework contracts in the UK, we have undertaken international infrastructure projects and claims and have considerable experience of operating international forms of contract such as FIDIC.

Energy and Process

We have been involved in drafting contracts, commercial and risk management and dealing with disputes to Arbitration on major chemical and energy projects in the UK and internationally. These have included processing plants, steel foundries, energy from waste, biomass and coal power stations.

We have worked at a variety of nuclear facilities including power generation, fuel reprocessing and decommissioning nuclear submarines and understand the specialist demands of the nuclear sector. Projects include:

  • AGC Chemical Plant, Lancashire
  • Blackburn Meadows Biomass Powerstation, Sheffield
  • Drax Powerstation, Yorkshire
  • Etileno, Ethylene Cracker Plant, Mexico
  • Runcorn Energy from Waste Plant
  • Sellafield, Cumbria
  • U.S. Steel, Gary Works, Indiana

Members of our team have worked in the energy and process sector extensively and understand the sector-specific requirements. We have a broad range of experience with specialist energy and process claims, including:

  • Interface and coordination claims
  • Application of performance specifications
  • Interpretation of design
  • Design clash issues
  • Late information claims
  • Existing facilities claims
  • Strikes and lockouts
  • Commissioning and performance claims

We are aware that these projects often have very high liquidated damages and are difficult to commission to full operating capacity. Therefore, close commercial management, detailed record keeping and submission of timely notifications is essential.

We have experience dealing with the often-complex stakeholder arrangements common in such projects and the potential for conflicting or ambiguous contractual obligations, and the requirement for delicate relationship management.

Building and Civil Engineering

We have practical and technical knowledge from a wide range of backgrounds including main contracting, civil engineering and specialist disciplines including mechanical, electrical and structural steel. Projects include:

  • 6 Bevis Marks, London
  • Barwa Commercial Avenue, Qatar
  • GlaxoSmithKline, Cumbria
  • Morrisons Headquarters, Bradford
  • Olympic Stadium Conversion
  • Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard
  • Windermere Boat Museum

Members of our team have a broad range of experience in building and civil engineering for museums, hotels, colleges, universities, retail, commercial and public realm projects, claims, include:

  • Design claims
  • Planning issues
  • Statutory undertakers
  • Unforeseen ground conditions
  • Possession and access issues
  • Nominated suppliers and subcontractors
  • Specialist trade claims
  • Design team interference
  • Contractor design portion claims
  • Late issue of information and drawings
  • Variations and changes
  • Late delivery of free-issue materials
  • Quality and defect issues
  • Extensions of time
  • Weather claims
  • Termination claims and repudiation claims
  • Possession and completion
  • Payment issues and suspension

We have represented national contractors and sub-contractors on a diverse range of projects and fully understand each stage of the construction process and how best to achieve commercial returns with in-depth commercial understanding of both JCT and NEC forms of contract.

Offshore and Marine Construction

We have worked on multiple offshore and marine projects in the UK and internationally, including dredging, deep sea diving, offshore wind, and offshore platforms. Projects include:

  • Baltic 2 Wind Farm, German Coast
  • Galloper Wind Farm, Suffolk Coast
  • Marine Support and Deep Sea Diving, Nigeria
  • Plymouth Naval Yard, Nuclear Submarine Decommissioning
  • Port Oriel, Harbour Extension, Ireland
  • Sakhalin 2, Dredging and Rock Placement
  • Western Link, High Voltage Cable, Scotland to Wales

The offshore and marine sector is subject to all of the common issues identified in other sectors (specifically energy and infrastructure). However, this sector is subject to particular additional issues including:

  • Monopiles and transition piece interfaces
  • Welding specification and complexity claims
  • Security measures
  • Vessel claims
  • Transport, port, dockyard and storage claims
  • Complex permit to work systems
  • Confidentiality
  • Weather and conditions
  • International laws
  • Multi party disputes
  • Complex and bespoke specialist specifications
  • Increased health and safety obligations

We have represented international contractors on a diverse range of projects and fully understand each stage of the procurement, engineering, design and construction process and how best to achieve commercial returns with significant experience of bespoke forms of contract commonly used in the offshore and marine construction sector.