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Arbitration is often the contractual dispute resolution process for major international projects. It is also used for construction disputes in the UK, for disciplines not covered by the HGCR Act.

We have experience of arbitration proceedings and understand the specific, strict requirements required. We understand that drafting an effective arbitration provision that properly sets out the seat, law of contract and of the proceedings is of critical importance, in governing the proceedings and ultimately enforcing the award.

We have experience of leading formal international pre-arbitration hearings and have been able to achieve negotiated settlements.

We regularly work alongside large law firms on major international arbitrations, undertaking specific works packages, providing strategic advice and commercial support. Our work is produced to the highest evidential and technical standards.

Major recent commissions include an international windfarm dispute in Europe and a complex dispute at a UK Biomass plant.

ALA Director, Byron Tyson, is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Arbitration.

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