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Since the 1996 Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act, adjudication has become by far the most popular form of dispute resolution for construction matters in the UK.

Adjudication is a powerful tool which enables parties to pursue their cases in the knowledge that they are not generally at risk of the other party’s costs. The process is quick and it is possible to get a decision within 28 days of the referral of the dispute.

Given that this is a compressed process, it is essential that any case is presented in a straightforward, clear and concise manner, with all relevant evidential support.

There is a significant body of case law surrounding adjudication, the knowledge of which can be crucial to properly presenting, defending or prosecuting a case.

In our experience, a good technical understanding of the construction issues, and the ability to present those issues clearly, is fundamental to the success of a case.

We have acted in over 100 adjudications with overwhelmingly positive results and we have the knowledge and experience required to represent our clients to the highest possible standards. We have enjoyed success against large multinationals and specialist law firms in a wide range of disputes.

Our combination of commercial, technical and legal knowledge means we are uniquely positioned to maximise your potential award in any adjudication proceedings.

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