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Mediation in construction is a form of dispute resolution where a neutral, third party assists in working towards a resolution in order to resolve disputed issues between opposing parties. It can be used successfully at any point to achieve an acceptable settlement.

Having the right strategic representation at a mediation can make the difference between achieving settlement or escalating to formal proceedings.

We have significant experience of mediation and regularly act as mediation advocates, supporting our clients.

We understand the importance of preparing a solid mediation bundle in support of our client’s position, and we have a strong track record of achieving successfully negotiated settlements without the need for further, more costly formal proceedings.

Our directly employed team are particularly skilled in mediation meetings either face to face or virtually.

Our team are able to articulate positions in a persuasive, compelling manner and also apply the science and arts of effective negotiation strategy.

That knowledge and skillful application of that knowledge is what can make the difference.

ALA Commercial Director Byron Tyson is a CEDR Accredited Mediator and acts as a mediator. Byron is a skilled and pragmatic mediator providing fixed fee one day mediations.

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