A Lamb Associates Limited

Building & Civil Engineering

Building & Civil Engineering

We have practical and technical knowledge from a wide range of backgrounds including main contracting, civil engineering and specialist disciplines including mechanical, electrical and structural steel. Projects include:

  • 22 Bishopsgate, London
  • Barwa Commercial Avenue, Qatar
  • Forest Side Hotel, Cumbria
  • GlaxoSmithKline, Cumbria
  • Morrisons Headquarters, Bradford
  • Olympic Stadium Conversion
  • Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard
  • Windermere Boat Museum

Members of our team have a broad range of experience in building and civil engineering for museums, hotels, colleges, universities, retail, commercial and public realm projects, claims, include:

  • Design claims
  • Planning issues
  • Statutory undertakers
  • Unforeseen ground conditions
  • Possession and access issues
  • Nominated suppliers and subcontractors
  • Specialist trade claims
  • Design team interference
  • Contractor design portion claims
  • Late issue of information and drawings
  • Variations and changes
  • Late delivery of free-issue materials
  • Quality and defect issues
  • Extensions of time
  • Weather claims
  • Termination claims and repudiation claims
  • Possession and completion
  • Payment issues and suspension

We have represented national contractors and sub-contractors on a diverse range of projects and fully understand each stage of the construction process and how best to achieve commercial returns with in-depth commercial understanding of both JCT and NEC forms of contract.

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