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Infrastructure & Utilities

Infrastructure & Utilities

We have a wide variety of experience with infrastructure projects and claims, and understand the contractual arrangements and regulatory frameworks of the sector. Projects include:

  • DISI-Mudawarra Well Site, Jordan
  • Feeder 28, Drainage and Engineering, South Wales
  • Irton Water Treatment Plant
  • Lancaster University, Civil Engineering Works
  • Major Streetworks Undertakings in London
  • Term Contracts for Statutory Undertakers in Northern England
  • Watermains Rehabilitation in Southern Scotland
  • Western Link, High Voltage Cable, Scotland to Wales

We have extensive experience in the commercial application of the NEC form of Contract, often preferred in infrastructure and utilities projects. We are well versed in managing the strict programme and notice provisions of the NEC and maximising entitlement through the provisions of the contract. We have a broad range of experience with specialist utilities claims, including:

  • Work issues and timing claims
  • Restricted access claims
  • Emergency work/planned work claims
  • Item coverage claims
  • Bill omission claims
  • Valuation methodology claims
  • Unforeseen ground conditions and services claims
  • Specification and defect claims
  • Statutory undertaker claims
  • Reinstatement and surfacing claims
  • Specialist claims
  • Interfacing and Systems claims

In addition to street works and framework contracts in the UK, we have undertaken international infrastructure projects and claims and have considerable experience of operating international forms of contract such as FIDIC. Please see link to our brochure: ALA Civil Engineering and Utilities 

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