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Let’s all meet up in the year 2000

When organising the archive at ALA head office, we came across this great ALA brochure from the turn of the millennium:

24 years ago the ALA Pipeline Cost Control Relational Database was a visionary step forward.

Click here to see the brochure in full: ALA Pipeline Cost Control Service – 2000 extracts below:
















The ALA system was built in-house on MS Access 97. It was ahead of its time and provided the tools to accurately capture, allocate and model costs on pipeline projects.

This ALA system was employed successfully on multiple pipeline projects. The software packages utilised on construction and engineering projects today are more sophisticated and polished, but the ingredients for successful projects are the same:

  • Good quality contemporaneous records
  • Properly recording costs
  • Employing top tier commercial staff

It’s interesting to look at how things have changed in 24 years. This ALA brochure has no email address, no website; just a landline and fax number. People under the age of 40 today may never have seen a fax.

Today at ALA, we continue to embrace technology and understand that by getting the fundamentals right, the level of everything we do rises.

We are particularly proud to continue building ALA’s reputation for excellence as the market leader in cross country pipelines worldwide.

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