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ALA Scores a Hat Trick

ALA scores a Hat Trick

On this beautiful summer week ALA has successfully settled three significant claims to our client’s satisfaction.

If you have ever wondered as I often have what makes the difference in construction claims, it isn’t that one company wanted success and that the other didn’t. The difference lies in what people know and how they make use of that knowledge. That’s what ALA provides, knowledge. Knowledge our clients can use to benefit their business.

The first claim was for a civil engineering subcontractor on a substantial new build project in Manchester. The position had previously been reviewed by a large well known consultancy, who were unable to plot a credible route to entitlement. This claim required a creative approach and we developed a radical but straightforward contractual position to elicit the settlement.

The second claim was for a regional civil engineering and construction contractor on a new build project. The claim was conventional and pertained to variations, prolongation and reduced productivity. The reduced productivity claim was extrapolated from contemporaneous records with a bespoke form of measured mile and with all the positions worked up to Adjudication standard. We were able to reach a satisfactory settlement at a negotiation meeting.

The third claim was for a specialist piling subcontractor on a major rail project. The claim turned on the working arrangements bound into the executed the contract and applying the proper construction of contracts to determine the operative terms and the commercial baseline. This technical claim was prepared to Adjudication standard and we were able to reach a satisfactory settlement at a negotiation meeting.

We provide straightforward effective and where required innovative solutions to deliver results for our clients. We believe an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

Lets hope England’s week is as good. Its coming home!