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Byron Tyson – Master of Laws | LLM Degree

ALA Commercial Director Byron Tyson has successfully completed a Master of Laws Deegree, in Construction Law, Arbitration and Adjudication, receiving an LLM qualification.

The course was completed at the Robert Gordon University over three years across 10 modules, which comprised:

  • Laws of Obligations and Evidence
  • Arbitration Law
  • Arbitration Practice and Procedure
  • Construction Law (Procurement)
  • Construction Law (Contract Administration)
  • Construction Adjudication Law
  • Construction Adjudication procedure
  • In-Depth Case Study
  • Oil and Gas Contract Law
  • Theories and Principles of Conflict Resolution

ALA Managing Director Tom Lamb says

I would like to congratulate Byron on achieving this formal qualification in construction law. I know he has excelled on this course, together with managing multiple adjudications as party representative and looking after a new born baby. It is a real testament to his hard work, dedication and abilities. I am sure Byron will apply the knowledge from this course to provide even better levels of service to our clients.

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