A very ALA Christmas

As 2018 comes to a close, we’d like to wish all of our clients and contacts all the best for the festive period. Our offices will be closed from midday on Friday 21st December, and we will return to work on Wednesday 2nd January 2019.

We set our team the task of completing a Christmas quiz, with one question in particular giving great hilarity and entertainment for its responses.

Individuals were asked to consider the theme; ‘A Quantity Surveyor at Christmas’ and submit their creative interpretation in a format of their choosing. The variety of responses we received has been brilliant, and to share some Christmas cheer, check out the entry from our very own ‘wordsmith’, Martin Redman.



There once was a firm in the Shire

Who found themselves deep in the mire

They’d done extra works

But without any perks

And their cashflow was down to the wire

T’was the end of the year

There’d be no Christmas cheer

They were thinking of starting a fire

But good sense prevailed

They’d got this one nailed

It’s a QS that they needed to hire

Now a QS you know

Is not afraid of the foe

Or information that’s totally dire

So, to save the day

They engaged ALA

Though their fees were a little bit higher

Through the papers they churned

Many candles were burned

This commission wouldn’t be fleeting

Outside carols were heard

It was all in the word

In the shape of the good book – Keating

There was scratching of heads

Not much use of the beds

Frustration was certainly peaking

Latin phrases abound

Until they found

The case they were desperately seeking

We’ve got them they said

Let’s put this to bed

And get the adversary shrieking

So, they worked through the night

The end was in sight

The submission was close to completing

And upon deadline day

They sent it away

And the firm were truly impressed

Christmas was near

It was time for some cheer

And to do what a QS does best

So, they went down the pub

Had some beer and some grub

And some drinks that went over the limit

Funny stories were told

By the young and the old

The QS in the Christmas spirit.